Microbe-Lift Sabbactisun

Microbe-Lift Sabbactisun
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Microbe-Lift Sabbactisun is a unique, natural remedy, proven effective against bacterial dropsy, fungus and ulcers in fish. Microbe-Lift Sabbactisun works by expelling external pathogens from the host fish and stimulating its immune system response.

Unlike many chemical and antibiotic treatments available, MICROBE-LIFT®/SABBACTISUN™ can also speed up damaged tissue regeneration. MICROBE-LIFT®/SABBACTISUN™ is made from plant and herbal extracts and is environmentally friendly. This product is harmless to all nitrifying bacteria and aquatic plants.

Herbal Water Conditioner All Natural Expellant for Bacterial Diseases

Herbal Actives provide a Natural Aquatic Environment effective against:

  • Bacterial Dropsy
  • Fungus
  • Milky skin
  • Fin/tail rot
  • Bulging Eyes
  • Mouth rot
  • Raised scales


  • 100% natural plant and herbal product
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Reduces stress during and after transportation
  • Completely safe to use
  • Non-toxic to animals and plants
  • Product can be used during feeding
  • Does not adversely affect either nitrifying filter bacteria or beneficial bacterial additives
  • No significant reduction in the level of dissolved oxygen in the water
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Does not discolor water
  • Does not result in resistance, which can occur with biocides/antibiotics


This product is intended for use with all ornamental fish and MAY NOT be used with fish intended for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children. For quarantine tank and pond use only. Follow directions carefully. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush eye thoroughly with cold water.

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