PondCare Pima Fix

PondCare Pima Fix
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PondCare® PimaFix® - Pond Care PimaFix is an all-natural medication derived from the leaves of Pimenta racemosa, the scientific name for the West Indian Bay Tree. PimaFix has powerful anti-fungal and antibacterial properties due to the multiple natural active compounds in PimaFix.

Disease-causing organisms are present in all ponds. Any time a physical abrasion damages fish tissue, fungal and bacterial pathogens seize the opportunity to infect the fish. Shipping, netting, and poor water quality also weaken the fish's immune system, permitting disease problems to occur. Skin and fin abrasions are an unavoidable part of fish keeping. Therefore the potential for disease problems occur with every new fish arrival, whether it is at the hatchery, fish wholesaler, pond shop, or in the pond.

Fungal infections can be seen as white fuzzy growth on the mouth, skin, and fins. PimaFix will stop the fungus and promote healing of damaged tissue. Bacterial infections appear as ulcers, ragged fins, and bloating. PimaFix treats internal and external bacterial infections in goldfish and koi.

  • All natural botanical remedy
  • Concentrated solutions for bacterial and fungal infections
  • Use with MelaFix for faster treatment, tissue regeneration and healing.

PimaFix treats fungal infections and both internal and external bacterial infections. Will not adversely affect the biological filter, alter the pH, or discolor water. Safe for reef aquariums and live plants. For use in fresh or salt water.

PimaFix has been formulated to work in combination with Melafix to enhance effectiveness against fish diseases.

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