Atlantic TidalWave Series Pumps

Atlantic TidalWave Series Pumps
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TidalWave A-Series & L-Series Pumps are manufactured from cast-iron and stainless steel with precision motors and thermal overload protection. These professional-grade pumps are engineered for high volume applications and perform where most cannot. All models feature double silicon carbide mechanical seals, dual drive bearings, Auto-cut thermal protection, 30’ power cord and a 2-year warranty.

A-Series Features:

• High-head / High-volume, direct-drive pumps
• Cast iron vortex impeller

L-Series Features:

• Low-head / High-volume, axial flow pumps
• Energy efficient / low power consumption

Model Motor HP Volts Amps Watts Outlet (in) Dimensions (in)
A-05 1/2 115 5.7 645 2 9L x 6 1/2W x 15H
A-05L 1/2 115 6.6 725 2 10L x 7W x 17H
A-21 1 115 9.6 1060 2 10L x 7W x 17H
A-31 1 115 10.3 1160 3 11L x 7W x 18H
A-32 2 230 9.4 2055 3 15L x 8 1/2W x 23H
L-305 1/2 115 6.4 710 3 9L x 9W x 19 1/4H
L-310 1 115 10 1105 3 9L x 9W x 19 1/4H

Item #  Description Price Add to Cart
Atlantic TidalWave A-05 $549.99 Add to Cart
Atlantic TidalWave A-05L $679.99 Add to Cart
Atlantic TidalWave A-21 $819.99 Add to Cart
Atlantic TidalWave A-31 $909.99 Add to Cart
Atlantic TidalWave L305 $1449.99 Add to Cart
Atlantic TidalWave L310 $1589.99 Add to Cart

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