TidalWave PAF Series

TidalWave PAF Series
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Lightweight, energy efficient and corrosion resistant, TidalWave PAF-Series Pumps are now even more versatile, with a removable intake screen for conversion to true 1¼” solids handling capacity. Sharing the same high quality internal components as our A-Series, PAF pumps are perfect for demanding medium head, high volume applications.


• Stainless steel and composite construction
• Double silicone carbide mechanical seals
• Fiber reinforced vortex impeller
• 20’ power cord
• 2-year warranty

Model GPH@5' Motor HP Volts Amps Watts Outlet(in) Dimensions(in)
PAF20 2800 1/4 115 3.5 360 2 9L x 6W x 14H
PAF25 3900 1/3 115 5 545 2 9L x 6W x 14 1/2H
PAF40 4950 1/2 115 6 650 2 9L x 6W x 15H
PAF75 5950 1 115 8.5 900 2 9L x 6W x 16H
Item #  Description Price Add to Cart
SP14000 Atlantic TidalWave PAF20 - 2800 GPH $499.99 Add to Cart
SP14001 Atlantic TidalWave PAF25 - 3900 GPH $579.99 Add to Cart
SP14003 Atlantic TidalWave PAF40 - 4950 GPH $659.99 Add to Cart
SP14002 Atlantic TidalWave PAF75 - 5950 GPH $749.99 Add to Cart

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