Microbe-Lift Aqua Xtreme

Microbe-Lift Aqua Xtreme
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Microbe-Lift Aqua Xtreme is a A Full-function, Buffered Water Conditioner. It is a convenient liquid, single-phase, full-funtion water conditioner that has been scientifically formulated for use in koi and goldfish ponds.

Product should be used when: conditioning new water for ponds; adding (or prior to adding) water, new fish or plants to ponds; and transporting koi or goldfish. It is very important to use Aqua Xtreme when adding water to a pond that contains chlormines. (Conventional dechlorinators will detoxify the chlorine in the chloromines but do nothing to the ammonia released from the chlormines.) Aqua Xtreme will detoxify both the chlorine and the ammonia in chloramines. Microbe-Lift Aqua Xtreme Treats 60 gal per ounce

  • Detoxifies Nitrite
  • Removes & Detoxifies Chlorine & Ammonia
  • Destroys Chloramines
  • Destoxifies Copper & Heavy Metals
  • Boosts Alkalinity
  • Adds Essential Electrolytes
  • Adds A 3-part Slime Coat Replaced
  • Helps to Reduce Stress
  • Instantly Ages Pond Water
  • 16 oz. treats 960 gallons
  • 32 oz. treats 1920 gallons
  • one gallon treats 7680 gallons
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FPM1017 Microbe-Lift Aqua Xtreme 16 oz. $16.99 Add to Cart
FPM1018 Microbe-Lift Aqua Xtreme 32 oz. $28.99 Add to Cart
FPM1019 Microbe-Lift Aqua Xtreme 1 Gallon $64.99 Add to Cart

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