Water Chemistry is important to understand. A Koi pond can be one of the best retreats available. The chance to simply relax and appreciate the beauty that is so unique to these living jewels.

It has been said that "we don't keep fish, but rather water." To a large extent this is true.

We offer water treatment products and water test kits to enable you to maintain a quality environment for your Koi.

Pond algae is a problem for everyone. Keeping your pond free of string algae is fairly easy with a little maintenance.

These products are easy to use and work great for removing string algae. Keeping your water quality up is very important and can also help to reduce the string algae problem. Testing your water quality is very important and should be done on a regular basis. Make sure you start each spring with a fresh test kit.

The water you put in your pond or water garden may contain chlorine and chloramines, heavy metals and other unwanted componants. A conditioner to neutralize chlorine, ammonia and heavy metals should be used on a regular basis as well.

Healthy water makes for healthy fish.