Atlantic Spillways

Atlantic Spillways
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Eight years ago, Atlantic pioneered the design of the pond-free waterfall spillway. In 2011 we are doing it again with introducing our NEW Pro Series FastFalls. These incredibly strong one-piece units feature an internal baffling system, support cones and re-enforced spillway. The innovative "inside the liner" design and rear liner attachment, simplifies installation.

Easily add a waterfall or stream to a new or existing water feature. With spillways ranging from 14" to 48", all come with bulkhead, liner attachment flange, splash reduction foam, and top grate for easy camouflaging.

Item #  Description Price Add to Cart
SP1400 Atlantic Fastfalls 14-in. Spillway $119.99 Add to Cart
SP2500 Atlantic Fastfalls 25-in. Spillway $149.99 Add to Cart
SP3600 Atlantic Fastfalls 36-in. Spillway $189.99 Add to Cart
SP4800 Atlantic Fastfalls 48-in. Spillway $299.99 Add to Cart

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Pondmaster Pro-Line Bio-Falls

Pondmaster Pro-Line Bio-Falls

Use the Pondmaster Proline Bio Matrix Bioligical Filter fall to easily create a waterfall for your backyard pond. Easily connects with 1.5" tubing via the enclosed bulkhead fitting or barb. Engineered with panels to direct the water flow upward through the bioligical media which is contained in a mesh bag.